Convincing Tricks of Shopkeepers

Purchasing a cellular phone is not an easy job and selling one is more difficult. The competition between different brands is increasing day by day and so is selling handsets. Moreover, there is quick addition in the features of cellular phones every now and then. Nowadays the media is vibrant enough for the effective promotion of brands, but not everyone relies on it. In my opinion even if Q- mobile places billboards in every city, a consumer would listen to his or her shopkeeper before purchasing a cellular phone.

It’s often a matter of trust, effective communication between the salesperson and the customer along with the provision of complete and correct information about the product (in this case handset). Last but not the least, every salesperson needs to practice some techniques of negotiation and he or she needs to be persuasive as well. On the other hand, there are always some attractive features present in every cellular phone which serve as convincing trick for the salespersons and shopkeepers.

At the top of the list it’s the battery life and stand by time which appeals most of the customers. Then comes the camera. Nowadays mobile phones not only serve the purpose of remaining in touch with others but they are also your cameras, video/sound recorders, note pads, alarm clocks and mini mp3 players. Now a cell phone is also assessed with other features which have been mentioned above. The salespersons’ ability to describe in detail the utility of such features directly affect the sales of any mobile shop.

Besides these, with the need to remain connected with the world the option of WiFi also plays an important role while purchasing cell phones. Blue tooth function is also significant for the purpose of sharing. It now seems that in the future 3G will become a convincing trick as well and the shopkeepers need to have authentic information about it.

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