Enjoy Free Rs 500 as Christmas Gift from Cheezmall

This Christmas is not only coming with great Holidays but also coming with free Rs 500 shopping gift. The best thing about the offer is that anyone is eligible and can easily apply it.

Cheezmall.com (which is launched a month ago) has already surpassed many current online platforms in terms of Quality. Their aggressive steps towards benefiting consumers has already left the nights sleepless for many competitors. Some of them have specially designed their teams whose work is to deteriorate the image of Cheezmall both at online and offline market. But their strategy seems failing because the response of orders on the recent step of Rs 5000 free coupon on November 25th has shattered the dreams and deteriorating efforts of competitors. November 25th is something that has never been done in the E-commerce History of Pakistan in which each consumer was rewarded for Free Rs 5000 coupon.

Following the legacy being made, Cheezmall is still the first one to cater the minorities and stepping in to double the happiness and joy of the event.

They have specially designed the page at their website specifically for Christmas deals in order to make the consumer feel special at the event. Warm Apparel, Shoes, jewelry, lightening and special gift items are made available which are the most selling items of Christmas.

Such type of Online Celebrations are necessary and important to be made so that consumers can enjoy the joy not only offline but also online. They standard which cheezmall.com is making is something that is alarming for competitors and this is the time when other players have to take some such radical steps instead of focusing on creating bad WOM for Cheezmall otherwise the time is not far when Cheezmall.com write a history in the Online shopping industry of Pakistan through its such aggressive strategies and pioneering.

Cheezmall.com has already become the trend setter in the market within just one month of Launch. With their entry in Pakistani Ecommerce, the essence of Chinese Ecommerce model can be witnessed and this is the best time for Pakistani Online Consumers to get the utmost benefits out of it.

  • I bought your products cheezmall on November 25. Though it was difficult to get Rs 5000 coupon because i was not sure how to redeem it. But thanks to your call center team it was very supportive. regarding quality of products, that were superbbb specially the Mi band and Shawl… I like both the most. Please kindly bring more shawlssssss as my mother and sister are interested

  • Cheezmall your quality is really good, I want to open your shop. Kindly please give me time. Please phone world team can you help me in it?

  • Cheezmall your quality is really good, I want to open your shop. Kindly please give me time. My

  • Mera Khyaal hai es terha agar chalta raha to Cheezmall soon Pakistan ka No 1 platform banjaega Online shopping ka

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