EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future

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We all loved lego blocks as kids but never imagined that it may prove to be a heck of an invention in the future. EverBlock® company presents you the portable future dependent upon nothing but your imagination-‘THE LEGO WORLD’ for adults of course.

Let us get into the subject to know What is EverBlock? How to make your own portable furniture? What may be the impact of EverBlock? What are the Pros and Cons of it? And is EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future?

What Is EverBlock?

EverBlock® is a US-based company which came up with this amazing idea of using lego blocks for life-size building, their products are delivered and used all over the world. EverBlock is a childhood dream come true. These are life-sized lego blocks to let your imagination break free and create portable furniture and parchments as per your demands.

EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future
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In How Many Ways Can EverBlock System Be Used?

EverBlock provides a wide variety of products to be utilized for various different purposes.

  1. EverBlock’s full line of modular building blocks
    EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future
    PC: everblocksystems.com

    used to build temporary and permanent walls, room dividers, event and trade show exhibits, furniture, props, decor, scenery, retail displays and much more.

  2. EverBlock® Jr.
    EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future
    PC: everblocksystems.com

    It is a foldable cardboard building block used in team-building exercises.

  3. EverBlock® Flooring
    EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future
    PC: everblocksystems.com


    It is a line of modular portable interlocking flooring modules that can serve in many ways. Dance floors, tent flooring, stadium turf protection systems, exhibit flooring, access matting, in short anything at all. With the latest technology, they come in the latest flooring designs and offers the latest aesthetic trends, coupled with structural strength.

  4. EverPanel®
    EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future
    PC: everblocksystems.com


    It is a modular instant wall system that is flexible, allowing one to build all types of floor plans, offices, bedrooms, conference rooms, or any other space required, using a series of lightweight, durable panels that connect with adjacent panels with a proprietary lug and connector system.

    EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future
    PC: Corkbrick.com

What Impact Can EverBlock Create In Pakistan?

EverBlock or such portable products may prove to be very successful in Pakistan due to the following reasons:

  • Low in cost
  • High in quality
  • Low travelling cost
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Reuseable
  • Light weight

Lego building like EverBlock may prove to be a silver lining for the far future as it supports the pacing and dynamic life in Pakistan.

However, it may not be considered a step towards sustainability as the core material used is plastic which is highly non-recommended by environmentalists but the company aims to come up with a green material to support the idea we hope they do soon.

EverBlock-Key To A Portable Future
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Another question that arises is that can this be trusted? or we will be sitting in a heap of unassembled blocks every once in a while? Or our walls get dragged along the path? Well, it seems strong enough but got to experience it in person though.


Pakistan needs to give this invention a shot! or re-create something similar themselves and discover what benefits it may bring along!



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