Facebook Designs a Virtual Reality App For Infotainment Purposes

People around the globe used Zoom to teach and meet in the global context of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a number of people have regarded it as a tiring experience. In response to it, Facebook has designed a virtual reality app that enables you to chat with friends in a more realistic manner. However, it does require a $300 VR headset, the most popular of which is the widely used Achilles Quest 2.

After wearing it, when you enter the Horizon workroom, you will be able to watch cartoon characters of various people sitting around a table in a certain room, which gives a sense of the real-life, and all other participants feel it in the same way.

Facebook Designs a Virtual Reality App For Infotainment Purposes

Introducing Horizon Workrooms:

The way humans work is changing swiftly. More individuals have started working remotely, more people want flexible work options, and more netizens are reconsidering what it means to be in an office. But without the appropriate connective tools, remote work still has to face a number of impediments. Working without partners around you can feel isolating at some instances, and brainstorming with other people just doesn’t feel the same if you’re not in the same space. So Facebook has launched the open beta of Horizon Workrooms.

How does the Application Work?

With this application, you can also select different outfits, avatars, and clothes. The main ambition of Facebook is to enable people to use Aquilas for entertainment as well as serious activities and to have a unique virtual dating experience. A maximum of 16 individuals wearing headsets at a time can sit and have a viable discussion in the workroom. In addition to that, a total of 50 individuals can be included who will stay on phone calls without a headset and you will be able to see their videos in different boxes.

People wearing headsets will move their fingers so their digital outline will also move simultaneously as their hands and fingers. In addition to that, the lips of the digital characters will move in a similar way whenever they speak. The virtual conference also has got a whiteboard where any individual can share presentations and writings with other users. 

According to the vice president of Facebook Realty Labs, Andrew Boseworth,

We’ve been using the app internally for over a year now, but 18 months of epidemics and lockdowns have shown that such platforms are the best platform for real meeting.

On the other hand, Facebook staff have said that they can present themselves in a more confident way in the Horizon workroom than in Zoom, and it is much easier to talk to each other thanks to virtual characters.

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