Meet the Facebook Virtual Reality World with Oculus Headset

Facebook is not going to stop: As the leading social giant is launching a new virtual reality headset that does not necessitate a detached computer to operate, permitting additional mobile consumption than the company’s existing Oculus Rift product, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday while attending a conference with virtual developers. Meet The Facebook Virtual Reality World with Oculus Headset.

The virtual headset would be competing the brands by start of the year. The virtual reality product will cost the consumers $199, to feel the heat of reality with this gadget.

Meet The Facebook Virtual Reality World with Oculus Headset

Facebook has financed heavily in virtual reality hardware products to include a 360-degree panoramic view of faraway or imaginary spaces, and Facebook hopes a niche concern to a widely used platform for gaming, communication and business applications.

Facebook has always found a way to amaze its users in one way or another. After the launch of its flagship of 3D posts in the news feed ,Facebook is now up with the launch of Oculus Reality product. Although the timeline of launch won’t attract the customers to see them on Christmas vacations however with advent of new year the gadget will be available to all tech addicts and still managing to stay ahead then other tech competitors.

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