Facebook Launches Preferences Option in News Feed

Facebook News Feed is a totally customized stream of posts from people can check your friends activities with and also the pages you have liked. But now this can be more customized by the users because Facebook Launches Preferences- Another Update Control which allows you to manage what you want to see on your wall.

Facebook is getting better everyday, Facebook Launches Preferences- Another Update Control

The main goal of News Feed is to show the user that the people and pages are up to what ? Considering the most important stories to show to the user. For this purpose to filter these stories Facebook has now introduced the feature of “Preferences” to show you most important things that specifically matter to the users.

Prioritize stories you want to see with Facebook Preferences Option

This will prioritize your stories and make you aware of whatever posts that have been posted by the starred friends and pages. So You never miss any post from important ones. By doing this you will see the starred posts first on your news feed else will be shown later priority wise.

Find new Pages to Connect to:

This will let you go for new pages, artists, publishers, authors and so many people of your interest. These recommended pages will be shown on the basis of previously liked pages and people from Facebook.

Select which friends and Pages to follow or unfollow:

You can now edit people whom you want to follow or unfollow on the basis of your interest. You can again follow those people whom you have unfollowed before.

To access this feature of News Feed you have to tap “More” on the bottom right hand corner of your Facebook Mobile App. Now you can choose what you want to see. From now on you wont be missing any news or any posts from your loved ones. Moreover, it allows you to select multiple options as well.

Here is a video showing you much about the awesome addition:

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