Facebook Messenger Brings Mention Alerts and Message Reaction Emoji

Facebook Messenger Brings Mention Alerts and Message Reaction Emoji. The social media giant, Facebook keeps on introducing new features. This time it has rolled out two new features, namely Mentions and Reactions, for its Messenger app. First the company was testing these features in Vietnam.

Now users will be able to @mention friends in a group chat. Users can also send them a special notification to answer to their message.

Facebook Messenger Brings Mention Alerts and Message Reaction Emoji

All users need to do is type @, then the person’s name or in-thread nickname, and the name will be highlighted and that person will get a notification.

Other than this, Facebook is also adding its News Feed Reactions to Messenger. With this feature you can also reply by attaching a love, smile, wow, sad, angry, thumbs-up or thumbs-down emoji to a particular message.

This will allow users to express agreement, disagreement or an emotion about a particular message, even if other messages have been received.

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Its really easy to add Reactions to messages. All users have to do is tap and hold on a message. This will allow them to pull up the Reactions menu and select one. Everyone will see a list of different reactions on the message. Reactions work in one-on-one chats, as well.

The Reaction with “Thumbs-down” could be understood as Facebook’s first “Dislike Button. Though Facebook has named it as “No” Reaction.

Reactions function quite the same to iOS 10’s iMessage’s Tapback reactions introduced back in September. It is also similar to Slack’s more expansive and long-standing emoji reaction selector.

Messenger used to work as a group chat called Beluga before Facebook acquired it and gave it the name Messenger. With mentions and Reactions, Facebook could use its improved group chat experience than SMS to win users. So lets see how these new features will turn out to be.

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