Facebook to Launch the Podcast Platform in the Upcoming Week

The social media giant Facebook is planning to launch its podcast platform in the upcoming week. According to a source, the new feature will be launched on the 22nd of June. The new feature will enable listeners to make clips from their favorite shows. As per an email sent to podcast page owners, hosts can link their show’s RSS feed up to the Facebook platform. By linking the show’s RSS feed, it will automatically generate News Feed posts for all episodes.

Facebook to Launch the Podcast Platform in the Upcoming Week

The users will be able to see these episodes on a “podcasts” tab that however doesn’t seem to be live yet. According to ‘the Verge,’ initially, a few page owners would have access to the new service. Though, emails are being sent to some more page owners, indicating that the rollout might be bigger than initially expected.

In an email, Facebook said,

Facebook will be the place where people can enjoy, discuss, and share the podcasts they love with each other.

The terms of service for Facebook’s podcast platform guarantee that the company has the right to make “derivative works” with the podcast content. However, there are no further details on what precisely it implies, but you should keep that in mind before submitting a podcast.

The company will soon offer another feature called “Clips” to assist creators in promoting short clips of an episode that they will be able to share anywhere on the platform. In recent times, major tech firms have shown a lot of interest in podcasts, as this format has gained immense fame lately.

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