Finding Success this Ramadan with Muslims 365

As Muslims we are all striving for one goal, to be a successful Muslims. But how does one go about finding success in this life? The simplest answer would be, by following the guidelines of Islam. But this day in age everything is so fast paced and moving at the speed of light so how do you keep up?

Muslims 365 is a mobile app, this Islamic App that is structured around the five pillars of Islam, Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Charity and Hajj. Each of these categories have unlimited resources for a Muslim to help set goals for themselves to take the steps to achieve success in this life and the hereafter.

A Revolutionary Islamic App Developed From Pakistan

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Muslims 365 provides you with the complete Holy Quran at your fingertips to be a better Muslim.

You can listenAyat by Ayat for memorizing or choose from list of reciters and understand the best motivational, inspirational and life-changing content on the planet through multi-language translations and transliterations.

Muslims 365 also features the Academy 365 section which is a diverse collection of authentic Islamic information, including Hadith, Science and Islam, Sunnah(Way of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H), Sahaba Stories and plenty more text and video-based content. There’s also a Kids section for you to train the young ones about the basic principles of Islam.


Muslims 365 is the world’s first app to feature Jamaat timings, the times of submitting to Allah in the congregation. The A.I Engine precisely estimates the Jamaat Times for masjid worldwide.

However, there’s an opportunity for you to beat the artificial intelligence and earn Sawab e Jariya by updating the exact Jamaat times, by doing so you will be  helping fellow Muslims pray with Jamaat, right on time.


Muslims 365 provides you alerts for Suhoor and Iftar times. Muslims 365 is also equipped with a fasting tracker of kept or missed fast. The Hijri calendar helps you keep track of important Islamic dates and events throughout the year.


Muslims 365 has live streaming of Makkah and Madinah. Along with a multitude of videos on how to perform Hajj and various helpful guidelines to help you educate yourself of all the aspects of Haji.Charity:


Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam and is a practical solution for the problem of uneven distribution of money in the society. With the Muslims 365 Zakat Calculator, you can calculate the amount of money you owe to your community on the basis of various forms of wealth, including gold, silver, land, money and more.

Learning has more to do with diving deep, embracing difficulty and going far to explore. Along the path to glory, Muslims 365 is there to help you interactively manage the data that is important to  you, by helping you with personal discipline and knowledge. Download the app now for Android and iOS,

Free to download and no ADs.

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