Forging Partnerships to Enable a Digital Future

Today’s world is increasingly shaped by the forces of technology. This change is pushing businesses to modernize their operations to be able to stay relevant and progress amid tough economic times. Where this swiftly unavoidable switch brings them challenges in doing away with conventional ways of work, businesses also have whole new avenues and opportunities awaiting exploration. The digital space still remains untapped which smart businesses have realized and are now confidently investing in. In fact, that will be the only option to successfully leverage the assets businesses possess going forward.

Forging Partnerships to Enable a Digital Future

Amid the swarm of choices that they have today, making its way to the right people at the right time has become as important to a business as serving the right product or service. Modernizing a business not only gives an organization an edge to be in the race and a chance to win it too, but it also empowers them with the tools and systems they need to understand and serve the changing customer needs to greater effect. But, to what extent exactly can a business single-handedly serve customers that are born into this digital world and know technology natively and innately?

Not much, to be honest. Especially amidst today’s tech transformation and emerging one-stop-shop culture. As businesses forge new partnerships to enhance their product and services portfolios, they also need technology partners to refresh their business operations along modern lines. That is where B2B partnerships come in handy. By partnering with a technology enabler and making their operations simple and effective, organizations are becoming smarter and thus able to serve their customers better and more comprehensively. While some of these associations help organizations build a more robust physical operational muscle, others are making them smarter through solutions for critical business insights.

In Pakistan, the telecom sector is the top driver of technological transformation across sectors. Using a forward-looking approach, the telecom players in Pakistan are contributing to empower not only people, but also enterprises through knowledge-sharing and partnerships. With the scale of the business and technology of cellular companies combined, new avenues for business growth and progressive paths for mutual success are being discovered. All this is primarily aimed at the ability to give the customer what they want and foresee their future and emerging needs. Telenor Pakistan, being at the helm of the country’s tech revolution, fully understands that and has made some very forward-leaning B2B associations to enable a digital future across the board.

How Telenor Pakistan is Empowering the Local Enterprises with Business Intelligence?

An exciting area where Telenor Pakistan is empowering the local enterprises is business intelligence. Taking another major leap in its futuristic B2B offerings, Telenor Pakistan has launched Bizmine, which offers a unique solution to business leaders, allowing them to break through the clutter of information and build a stronger connection between their products and consumers. Bizmine smartly formulates insights to forecast consumer behaviour that is of critical value amidst emergence of a more demanding new generation of customers in today’s increasingly tough market. Through the use of machine learning and Big Data analytics, customer behaviour is extrapolated and inferred, making smart and future-leaning business decisions possible. Its data driven market research based on a very large and comprehensive data set aggregated and anonymized, can be delivered in a very short time while ensuring cost-effectiveness in comparison to traditional market research exercises. Also, the market research is continually updated and can be made available through a subscription model. The Bizmine portal can be used by marketers to create virtually thousands of consumer segments for running targeted campaigns. Telenor Pakistan will be offering enriched Analytics as a Service, based on Advance Analytics and Machine learning, to help organizations run analytics where they do not have the in-house capability.

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Some of the Pakistani businesses currently benefitting from this inventive solution include Hysab Kytab – a provider of digital solutions through a suite of financial management and consumer products, Daftarkhwan – a network of premium and vibrant co-working spaces spread across Lahore, and RetailPro – a global leader in retail management software that is recognized world-wide for rich functionality and flexibility and Bramerz is one of the leading digital agencies of Pakistan with an immense experience working on products, projects & campaigns of varied domains & sizes for clients like Pepsi, Dell, Coke, Samsung, Google, Unilever etc

These associations provide a glimpse of how Telenor Pakistan is developing and promoting a culture of B2B partnerships that are becoming a cornerstone of delivering better and growing in today’s challenging economy. It is high time that Pakistan became aligned with the developed world and its own regional peers in terms of business efficiency and technological uptake on the consumer as well as enterprise fronts. It’s only by joining their forces that businesses can ensure mutual success, a realization that global business have reached way before us. While many other big and small companies are looking to avail Telenor Pakistan’s current and upcoming B2B offerings, the ground may be paved for other organizations too to forge partnerships for reforming the ways they work and contributing to a digital future.

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