Get Ready for Two New Lenovo Slider Phones

Some years back, mobile phones were used to pick up calls and to convey something to messages. In a couple of years, this trend was transformed into a moment capturing machine, thanks to the camera. Now a mobile device is something more than this, it is not just a symbol of wealth, but it also defines the personality of someone who holds it. Keeping in view this, mobile phone manufacturers kept on incorporating new designs out of which foldable and slider phones are ubiquitous. As usual following the drift, Lenovo also jumped into the pool, and now we have come across two Lenovo slider phones patent.

Lenovo Slider Phones Patent- Here’s What We Know about the devices so Far

Both the patents are different from each other, which reveals that we might be getting two slider mobiles from Lenovo. Last year, Lenovo had launched Z5 Pro, which served as the low-cost slider device. The patent of the upcoming Lenovo slider phones seems to be same as the previous one. The mediocre model in the patent has a dual camera on at the backside and a single camera on the front that will be called selfie camera. The camera will be automatically switched on the phone is in slid position.

Each one is for a different variant of a slider smartphone that reveals the front-facing camera array. Sketches of the phone were filed with the CNIPA (Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration) which reveal a new slider phone coming to Lenovo’s portfolio. The Lenovo Z5 Pro launched last year as the company’s low-cost offering with the slider trend that emerged in 2018 along with a high-powered Z5 Pro GT with high-end CPU and in-display scanner. The unnamed smartphone duo appears to be from the same lineup. In the sketches, the seemingly inferior model has only a dual camera setup on the back and a single-camera selfie setup that’s revealed only when the phone is in the slid position.

PC: Tiger Mobiles

The other slider phone from Lenovo is similar to the first one but it ahs additional cameras. The single selfie camera is replaced by dual in this mode whereas triple camera setup is incorporated that is somewhat same at Motorolla.

The second phone is similar in appearance but has a couple more cameras. There are dual selfie cameras and a triple camera array around back. Interestingly, the round camera bump design is clearly borrowed from Motorola. The sketched device looks a lot like a Moto Z with a full-screen display with the form-factor of a slider phone.

PC: Tiger Mobiles

We have no other information regarding both these device. May be with time we will get to know more about it. Moreover, it is just a patent and as I always say most of the times patents do not convert into reality. Furthermore, many other smartphone makers have also invested in a slider phone lineup.

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