Google App for Android adds Share Button to its Search Bar

Everyone can relate to certain times when they were having discussion with their friends on something they would have said “Google it”.  Many time, teachers also ask you to google something when you ask any question from them.  Till now there was no other way to share your search results. In any case you wanted to do it, you had to copy the whole URL and then paste it for someone. Now things are getting easier as Google app for Android has introduced share button so that you can share your search results with friends rather than asking them to google it.

Google App for Android Saves you From saying “Google It”

This new feature has come in Google app beta for Android which will soon let you share Google search with others. So the Android users will see a “share” button on the right side of their search results page. By clicking on this button, a share menu will pop up, including “” link.

Google App for Android adds Share Button to its Search Bar

Image Courtesy: Phone Arena

However, this link will only share the text of your search terms instead of the results that you actually see. So, it means may be you friend will not see the same result as you.

This is a very kind initiative by Google as it will save a lot of our time and will save us from using ironic sentence “Google It.”

Right now the feature is l currently only available for people who have opted for beta version and will be rolled out for everyone once it passes the test phase. Those who want to try the beta, they need to become “Testers” through the link above. As a tester, they will receive an update that includes a testing version of the Google app.

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