Google employees to work from home till 2021

Google is reportedly calling on its staff to work from home until July 2021. In at least another year, Google is letting its workers operate from home a indication that the technology industry expects a long-term threat from the coronavirus pandemic. By the end of this year, the company has expected most employees to return to the workplace and has reopened several offices across the world. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, this move would affect almost all of the 200,000 employees across business owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Alphabet revealed last week’s decision to workers after the call was made by CEO Sundar Pichai after meetings with execs at the company, the report states. 

Earlier this year, Google workers were told that they were able to work from home until July but after the number of cases rose in the United States , the company reportedly moved the start date back to September 2020 once again. 

Now, with a huge latest influx of coronavirus outbreaks in many states a return to the office has been pushed back even further, particularly near Google’s headquarters in the Bay Area. Although Google is the first major tech company to finalize such an extended coronavirus timetable, it is possible that other tech rivals who reported earlier returns to the office will follow its lead. 

In reported cases of COVID-19, California leads the country with San Francisco Bay delaying its operation measures until the virus is managed. As the coronavirus hit the U.S. for the first time this year, tech companies were among the first to shift to remote work and to postpone major events. Already, some months after the pandemic, several businesses are rethinking the long-term manner in which they operate.


Nayab Khan

She has a keen eye on tech innovations and loves to write almost about everything. Contact : [email protected]

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