Google Meet App Allows upto 49 people in a call, adds tile layout options

We all have adopted a habit of using video conferencing applications more than usual during this challenging time. Because of this, zoom’s popularity is at its peak, and it also gives tough competition to other video conferencing applications to improve themselves quickly. In the last couple of months, Google is upgrading its Meet service application by adding different features and removing the app’s restrictions. Moreover, in August, Google Meet App made it free for everyone to use the service by simply logging into your Google account.

Google Meet App Allows upto 49 people in a call, adds tile layout options

Furthermore, recently in a blog post, Google has declared that now more than 49 persons can participate in one video call. This recent update also allows you to see yourself with other participants on a video call.

Google clarifies about How this update is going to enhance the quality of classes and group meetings specifically:

An upgraded and customized layout of application will now allow the user to select how the tiles are arranged and presented on your screens. Besides this, if you select a max of 49 tiles, then all the forty-nine participants of the call will be visible at your screen. Though, the sidebar and spotlight layouts will remain the same as an automatic call.

Sadly, this upgraded feature is presently available only on the Meet Web Application. But, it is more required to call the teachers and administrators because they usually use desktops and laptops anyways. So it is ok for now to only avail the Web version of an application.

Furthermore, if you desire to take benefit of this new feature by changing your layout on the Meet Web Application, then you have to follow two simple steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you have to go to the application’s settings.
  2. Then click the “Change layout” button.

Students can use the Google Meet application on the tablets and smartphones, but will not be able to see all the call members at once. All the participants are only visible on the Meet Web app. Moreover, the Google Meet mobile app is readily available on the Google play store and App store. So, both iOS and Android users can download it.

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