Google Meet Gets a new feature as Users Can Now Live-Stream their Meetings on YouTube

The search engine giant Google is back with yet another exciting feature. The company has announced that Google Meet will soon get a new feature that will allow users to live-stream their meetings to YouTube. The user must choose the Live Streaming option in the Google Meet’s activities area in order to use this capability, according to the company.


Moreover, users would have to select their channel in order to watch the live stream on YouTube. The experts have entailed that those individuals who want a sizable audience from outside the Google Meet platform will find this functionality handy. Furthermore, the user would also have an option to pause, replay, and watch the presentation at a later time.

Google Meet Gets a New Feature as Users can Now Live-Stream their Meetings on Youtube

The company has also stated that in order to use this tool for live streaming meetings, the user’s Youtube channel must first be allowed. The host and the co-host are the only people who can live stream a meeting using the host management option, which is described on the help page.

Moreover, it is pertinent to mention here that the rollout of this new feature by Google will occur in phases. The first step, called “rapid release,” went live on July 21. The second phase, called “planned release,” will begin coming live today and take up to 15 days to fully complete. As per our research, Google intends to keep the Google Meet platform distinct from other platforms with the introduction of this new tool.

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