Google Play Store Redesign Rolls Out Officially

Now all the Android device users, across the globe, can experience the Google Play Store redesign  The new design was rolled out for some devices a couple of days back but now it is available or everyone.

The Play Store now has over two billion monthly active users. The Play Store’s new design is based on the revamped Material Design. The purpose of the Material Theme and “several user-facing updates” is to create a “cleaner, more premium store.

Google Play Store Redesign Rolls Out Officially

In the new design, the major change is the repositioning of the navigation tabs. Previously, the navigation tabs were placed at the top. In the new Material Design, the important navigation tabs are placed at the bottom similar to iOS. On tablets, you will get to see the categories on the left in landscape mode.

However, the subcategories are still present at the top. Users will not be able to scroll sideways to move through them, that is in fact good as the app already has a lot of side-scrolling elements.

The latest update is now available for everyone. If you are Android device users, then launch the Play Store for yourself and experience. We hope you will like it.

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