Google Playstore Deletes ‘Remove China Apps’ with 5 Million Installs

While US government is giving tough time to smartphone maker Huawei and at the same time investigating Chinese video app Tik Tok over-collecting data scandal, there is another app named “Remove China App” that came on Google play store two weeks back. Remove China Apps became the most downloaded app with 5 million installs in just two weeks.

Remove China Apps Developed for Anti-Chinese Sentiments

When inquired, the developer of the app revealed that this app uses market research to find the origin of the app. The title of the app shows as if by downloading this app all the apps of China will be automatically deleted however it is not the case.

While telling about “Delete China App”, the developer said:

  “The app will list Applications and respective country name, choose which app you want to uninstall and which app you want to keep, and uninstall the apps one by one in a single click.”

While the Play Store listing reveals that this app was developed for educational purposes only, this derogatory name of the app is out of mind.

It seems that this app is developed to catch people having anti-Chinese sentiments. While the developer is located in India, the people stated that the reason for creating this app is to support India’s Prime Minister. It should also be noted that chines app tiktok is the most widely used app in India.

While Google Play Store has deleted this app for the right reason, it should keep on tracking that such apps with racist names shouldn’t be allowed on Play store.

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