Google Releases Android 12L, Specifically Customized for Tablets & Foldable Devices

Yesterday, the search engine giant Google released the developer preview of  Android 12L. Basically it is an upcoming android build that makes Android 12 even better to use on large screens like tablets and foldable devices. Through the developer preview, you can examine the latest large-screen features, optimize your applications, and can provide feedback for the Google Android developer team.

Google Releases Android 12L, Specifically Customized for Tablets & Foldable Devices

Redefining Features:

In the new 12L android build, The company has improved the User Interface and made it more user-friendly on large screens across notifications, quick settings, home screen, and much more. For instance, on large screens with 600dp and larger sizes, the notification shade, lock screen, and other system features use a revamped two-column layout to exploit the screen area. In addition to that, the system apps are also optimized.


Improved Multitasking:

With the new Android 12L build, the company has made multitasking more powerful and instinctive. The developers have added a new taskbar on big screens that allow users to immediately switch to favorite applications on the fly. Along with that, the taskbar also makes split-screen mode more discoverable than ever before. You just need to drag and drop an app from the taskbar to run it in split-screen mode. Furthermore, the company entails that in order to make split-screen mode a better experience in Android 12 and later, the company is assisting users by automatically allowing all apps to enter split-screen mode, regardless of whether the applications are resizable.


A Better Compatibility Mode:

Google Android developer team also updated the compatibility mode with visual and stability improvements to provide a more satisfying letterboxing experience for users. Moreover, the company has made letterboxing smoothly customizable for device manufacturers, who can now set custom letterbox colors or treatments, adjust the position of the inset window, apply custom rounded corners, and much more.

According to a source, the company plans to release the global version of the 12L android build early next year.

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