Google Rolls Out a New Tracker that Blocks Third Party Cookies in Chrome

Google has finally realized that it has to make some alterations in order to block third-party cookies in the Chrome browser. Now, the company is officially changing its mode of operations by taking the much-needed step of blocking third-party cookies on its browser which is already achieved by other popular browsers like Safari and Firefox. However, the distinction between them and google is that rather than blocking the cookies by default, Google will set certain technical solutions.

Google Rolls Out a New Tracker that Blocks Third Party Cookies in Chrome

Among those technical solutions, one is called FLOC (A Federated Learning Of Cohorts) which allows interest-based advertising on the web without unveiling the user’s identity or data. Moreover, the company said,

FLOC will work on making its users semi-anonymous by associating them with a ‘cohort’ which is basically a group of users that are large enough to make the users invisible to the companies that are targeting them.

Google’s Chrome browser will employ a series of algorithms that rely on the qualities and interests of the users to build such cohorts. However, Google reiterates that the browser history of each user will be kept confidential and will not be shared but the browser itself may examine the history to create these cohorts.

This is a new system developed by Google to ‘protect’ its users but we must also acknowledge that Google is one of the biggest key players in gathering user data hence a number of people also find it unlikely that this update will make their browsing more secure.

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