Hamza Shahzad Becomes Youngest MS PowerPoint Specialist in the World

A 6 year old Hamza Shahzad Becomes Youngest MS Powerpoint Specialist in the World. He is a British Pakistani, who had won the title of the youngest MS Office professional. Now Hamza has set another title of Youngest MS Powepoint specialist in the world after passing the MS Powepoint specialist examination.

Hamza Shahzad Becomes Youngest MS PowerPoint Specialist in the World by scoring 850 marks out of 1000

Hamza scored 850 marks out of 1000 marks which were much more than the passing marks of 700. He took the exam at the Microsoft institute in London. He also took exam for his other Microsoft certification there.

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In this exam, the participant are required to be familiar with basic features of MS PowerPoint, which include the ability to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and sliders, create slide content, apply transitions and animations, and manage multiple presentations.

According to the MS PowerPoint features Hamza has scored:

  • 90 % in creating and managing presentations
  • 50 % in inserting and formatting shapes and slides
  • 67 % in creating slide content
  • 100 % in applying transition and animations
  • 100 % in managing multiple presentations.

Hamza, without the help of his father, managed to learn his way around the software on his own. He feels that Microsoft’s applications have steadily become the part of his everyday life, and he works on them just as much as he plays video games or watches TV.

According to Asim Shahzad, Humza’s father, the Microsoft Office specialist exams are conducted by providing the participants a virtual environment, where capabilities of each individual are established by solving a series of problems or tasks as part of a predominant project. He also said about earlier academic methods as they focused on memorizing answers and filling out check boxes. But these methods are no longer seen as feasible.

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