Hareem Shah Takes to Social Media for False News of Arrest

Just a few days back, Internet was flooded with news regarding the arrest of Hareem Shah along with her husband over some cash and gold found from them on Turkey Airport. It should be noted here that for the last few weeks, Hareem Shah was in Turkey spending time with her husband. After silence of some days regarding the False News of Arrest, TikToker Hareem Shah and her husband Bilal Shah have finally come forward to clear the air calling these rumors fake and an attempt to spoil the reputation of Hareem.

The 30 years old influencer also revealed that she will take legal action against all those media cells that took part in spreading of such rumors without any evidence. To clarify this fake news, Hareem Shah has uploaded a video on her YouTube channel.

False News of Arrest is shattering Image of TikTok Star

She started by saying that this is not the first time such news has come up regarding her. Previously many electronic and social media has spread fake news about her arrest in Qatar. She said she has always remained quite however such fake news are personally disturbing for her family. She called out Pakistani media for spreading the news without any verification and unethically being a part of such fake news. She said Pakistani media has the habit of defaming people for no reason.

“When there’s not one bit of truth in something, they [still] use it to defame the person by playing the news against them. I think it is to insult other people. Are you not responsible enough to check the validity of the news you’re broadcasting to the masses? You keep announcing such mistaken things day by day, I don’t know what you’re trying to prove by spreading misinformation. What narrative of my own am I supposed to add to this?”

She shared that few media channels have contacted her but since she was busy those days, she didn’t make any kind of statement. Anyway, she revealed that that they have hired a lawyer that will be looking into the matter and report media outlets for spread of false news.

“I will take legal action against all these channels. The way all of them — electronic media, print media and social media — were celebrating. Honor and dishonor are in the hands of God and no such thing has happened. I deny all false news against myself and continue with this announcement. You have previously spread fake news about my husband as well, ever since his name has joined mine. You used to put me down but now you have started speaking against him and spreading such fake news.”

While I don’t know whether the story is right or wrong but I believe that when you have got fame you have to face such criticism.

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