Healthians: Smartphone App can Predict Disease Risk Based on Health Inputs

Gurgaon based start up has developed an App named Healthians: Smartphone App can Predict Disease Risk Based on Health Inputs. This app can can provide smart reports that can  predict  the user’s risk of diseases. It can expose hidden disorders based on symptoms and life style.

Healthians lets users to log basic body vitals like blood pressure, weight and sugar levels as well as maintain a depository of all their test reports.

Healthians: Smartphone App can Predict Disease Risk Based on Health Inputs

This app can detect data for abnormal parameters and recommends the future course of required action.

Deepak Sahni, CEO and Founder of Healthians said:

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 With pathology checkups, understanding a medical report and its implications on one’s health has always been a challenge. With the helathians app, this difficulty is addressed and people can now at a click of button get deep insights into their health.

With this app, patients will be able to review their medical conditions and reach their treatment goals much faster. This App is a blessing to many as it will definitely lower the risks of serious health complication.

Deepak further said:

“The smart report is meant to empower users with a fore-knowledge of possible health risks and to effectively manage chronic diseases. “Any decision regarding our health is best taken in an informed manner. Healthians app is exactly that channel of reliable information.

To ensure such misinterpretations, free doctor and dietician consultancy is provided. For an accurate diagnosis, user is encouraged to visit a particular specialist.

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