myZindagi is Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Healthcare Sector

Unfortunately in contemporary modern era, the number of human diseases is increasing with each passing day. In this scientific modernize age, Pakistan’s dilapidated healthcare systems has become a dilemma and it seriously should be catered. myZindagi is Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Healthcare Sector. is a Lahore based start up launched it operations in June 2017. The basic aim of this health App is to make lives of patients easier. The App, myZindagi is a 360 degree healthcare solution.

myZindagi is Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Healthcare Sector is ready to help patients at every step of healthcare journey. Users can enjoy all the basic facilities from one place including doctor search, appointment bookings, video consultation calls, medicine delivery and digital medical records.

Connecting patients to doctors through App is not new but it is the first time such technology is introduced in Pakistan. These innovative solutions has attracted many patients who strive to find convenient way to call on to doctor.

The company’s chief operating officer Haseeb Sattar said:

“Just transplanting ideas from the west to Pakistan never works. We have to be aware of the local ecosystem and must ensure that our services are meeting the needs and expectations of the Pakistani market.”

With the emerging internet services and 4G, such Apps are huge success. But myZindagi has not confined booking through app only. It understands that many people still don’t have internet facility available. In such case people can book a doctor through a telephone call.

They have a round-the-clock call center, which facilitates patients and can be reached through video, voice or text communication medium.

myZindagi is available in 40 cities with approximately 15,000 doctors on board

An easy-to-use user interface.

Currently this service is available in 40 cities with approximately 15,000 doctors on board and aligning 2500 hospital and clinics. There is no extra charge for the patients and it is free for all patients. Users of these apps only need to pay market rates for medication, labs and doctor consultation.

The also offer healthy question and answer forum to poll about any doctor and service for further improvements. Via this forum, users can also ask about ambiguities they have, which are answered within few hours.

It is worth mentioning that myZindagi has got the Best Start up Award this year at Start-up Expo organised by PITB.

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