Here’s What to do when Laptop keyboard stops working

Have you ever come across a time when your laptop keyboard suddenly stops working? If yes you would know that it is the worst time especially when you are working on something important. Me being a content write have come across such circumstances many times and since I have to write loads of content when my keyboard stops working it is a big anxiety for me as it cost me my work and time. However, with time, I have realized that there are a few abrupt actions that one can take when the keyboard stops working instead of being panic.

Here’s What to do when the Laptop keyboard stops working

Some of the steps are quite easy and just require few minutes while others are time taking and complicated. In either case, your keyboard can be fixed.

Below mentioned are some of the steps that might help you to bring your keyboard to life.

Restarting computer:

Whenever you come across any problem with your laptop especially if the keyboard stops working, the first thing you should do is to restart your computer. This step is even more important than troubleshooting. Restarting the computer requires less time, is fast and easy and there are chances that the issue you are witnessing with the Keyboard would be solved with it. Even if your keyboard is not working you can restart your laptop by opening the start menu by holding the power button for a long and then select Restart. Now turn on the laptop again by pressing the power button to see if the issue is resolved or not.

Check if it’s a hardware or software issue?

This step will make you understand the real thing behind the issue as it will clear if your keyboard is not working because of hardware or software issues.

This step will narrow down your problem, revealing if your laptop keyboard is not working because of a hardware or software issue. To check you need to restart our computer and enter BIOS. This can be done by pressing some keys again and again when the computer is booting up. Every laptop has a different key for this purpose usually its  F2 or Delete. The key that should be used would be displayed at the bottom of the screen while your PC is booting up.

SO if you are able to enter BIOS it means that there is some software issue but if you are not able to enter it, it means there is some hardware issue. Since you are here for your laptop’s keyboard issue, you might want to know how to unlock mouse on a laptop?

Hardware issue:

So if there is a hardware issue, you should clean your keyboard first. Make sure that your laptop is properly turned off before starting the cleaning process. When you’re done with cleaning the keyboard, turn the laptop upside down and tap it on the bottom. It will help you get rid of dust particles that are found on the keyboard.

If you are still facing the issue, remove the battery and put it back as sometimes the battery is the reason behind keyboard-related problems.

There might be the issue of a damaged keyboard or disconnection from the motherboard. n this case you will have to take the laptop to the shop to get it fixed.

Software issue

If your laptop keyboard is not working due to a software issue, there are some things one should try out. First of all, update your keyboard driver. Open Device Manager on your Windows laptop, find the Keyboards option, expand the list, and right-click Standard PS/2 Keyboard, followed by Update driver. After the update is finished, test to see if your keyboard works. If it’s not, the next step is to delete and reinstall the driver.

If it’s not successful, you need to run a malware scan and hopefully, it will be fixed.

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