How FajrUP Alarm App Connects Muslims Around the Globe?

FajrUP is a social alarm application that automatically sets to your Fajr prayer time by using GPS. It is a smart app through which Muslims around the can get connected by just installing the app. This app is the reinvention of the alarm clock. It also provides a global link to connect Muslims.Lets see how this application works.

How FajrUP Alarm App Connects Muslims Around the Globe?

How FajrUP App Works:

After installing the app for free the user would be receiving a call from anywhere in the world. Calls are 15 seconds long, numbers will not be displayed/nor disclosed to any user, a modern way to be woken up for your salat. Essentially the app works as a social alarm a medium attempting to connect the whole ummah, and in doing so encouraging the Ummah to wake each other for their Fajr prayer.

In the app you Select ‘Fajr UP ME’ and wait to receive a call from a FajrUppie, or select ‘Fajr UP SOMEONE’ and become that ‘FajrUppie calling someone who has requested to be woken up. On of the unique feature about the app is that its gender specific.Brothers can only call brothers and sisters can only call sisters. App developers want to uphold and protect the modesty of their users.

The app also provide an alternative. If no body wakes you up for Fajr, you will be woken by the standard Azan. Hence say goodbye to procrastination and install the app to offer prayers 5 times a day.

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