How to schedule a post on Instagram through Professional Account?

Instagram is one of the widely used platform these days primarily used by businesses and influencers to brings great content and products to people.People promote their products and content in order to gain news followers, people remain consistent and post the content that brings engagement to their posts. While people try to deliver their best when it comes to consistency and posting some content on the favorable times, its not a piece of cake as it seems to be. Since there are times when posting on social media gives you best results but that again is not easy as its not necessary that your are always available on that particular time. The best way to cater this issue is to schedule a post on Instagram well on time and it gets automatically posted at the chosen time.

How to schedule a post on Instagram through Professional Account?

Unlike Facebook, the sad part of the whole scenario is that Instagram do not offer post scheduling which makes the overall procedure quite difficult for users. However there is nothing to worry as now there is a way to schedule Instagram posts through Facebook’s creator studio. There are some third party apps as well which offer the same functionality. So let’s check out how to schedule post on Instagram.

Schedule Post on Instagram Using Creator Studio:

For enjoying this functionality, one needs to have professional account,that includes business account as well as creators account with at least 10,000 followers. The creator studio feature do not work on personal Instagram account.

  • Fist off all you need to open creator studio on your laptop and link it with Instagram account. For this all you need to do is to open creator studio and login to your Facebook. When done, click on the Instagram button at the top and click on connect your account button.

schedule a post on Instagram

  • When connected, click on the create post button on the left side bar. Select Instagram feed or IGTV.

  • Now you need to upload the content that you want to schedule. That can including anything such as images, videos, captions and hashtags etc
  • At the bottom right corner, you will see a down arrow just beside the publish button. Click it.
  • From her,you can choose the schedule option. select your desired date and time.Now click on the schedule button.
  • You are done.

For personal accounts, we will come up with another blog as they from them posts can be schedules from third party apps that are multiple in numbers. Do you know any apps that help with scheduling? if yes let us know in comments section below.

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