How to Turn Off Instagram “Last Active” Feature

How to Turn Off Instagram “Last Active” Feature. Social media platforms keep on launching new features. Many are loved by their users but some are hated by users but still have to accept it as they come with the new update. Like other new features, Instagram rolled out “Last Active” feature to see when your friend was active for the last time. Many people were creeped out due to Instagram’s, WhatsApp like new feature: Last Active. Instagram new features tells everyone when you are active even when you don’t want people to know.

How to Turn Off Instagram “Last Active” Feature

However there is a relief that your active status is not visible to everyone but only to people you direct message and follow. However if you have public account, and people who have not followed you sends you DM, will not be able to see your active status.

Instagram also announced that users having app version 25 and newer will have this new active feature. Thankfully you can turn this “Last seen” status off.

How to Turn Off Instagram’s Last Seen Feature:

  • Tap the bottom right profile icon
  • Go into App settings
  • Scroll down to see “Show Activity Status”
  • Turn its toggle off

By turning “Show Activity Status” toggle off, you will not be able to see other people Activity status as well just like WhatsApp. However to me its a relief  to hide my activity status specially when i don’t want to reply certain people. What about you people?

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