Huawei and GIK join hands for 4 years AI program

GIK (ghulam Ishaq Khan University of engineering sciences and technologies) and Huawei recently engaged in a formal signing ceremony, with Huawei participating with the event solidifying the development of a four-year BS degree in Artificial Intelligence. 

The initiative is the first such partnership and serves as a milestone in an already successful four-year partnership that began in 2016 with the creation of the company’s ICT Academy at GIK. 

GIK is known as a respected university for engineering studies across the country and smartphone giant is a world leader in the ICT industry. GIK, with Huawei ‘s assistance, has developed the curriculum, philosophy, and lab courses in the context of this partnership. GIK will be allowed to use Huawei AI learning tools within the context of certified instructors activated by the ‘Learning’ resources. 

Continuing the feeling, Mr. Mark Meng, CEO Huawei Pakistan expressed his views, saying that we should “share best information of AI with GIK” and that “students will have the ability to communicate with the industry. Both parties have joined hands to bring this project to fruition.

He further added that, the company will take steps to ensure the program’s success, continue contributing to Pakistan ‘s talent community and support give the nation the new technology. In August 2020, the Artificial Intelligence degree program is scheduled to launch.

In this process, students will be able to study philosophy, obtain professional experience with a global perspective, get their career certifications, and be given adequate job opportunities. 

The event was attended by prominent figures in both Huawei and GIK, such as Mr. Farid Rahman, Chairman of the Governing Board and SOPREST, Mr. Jehangir Bashar, Rector GIK, Mr. Shakil Durrani, Exec. 

Both parties look forward to future collaboration in the areas of intelligent computing and cloud computing, and so on, through the completion of the Artificial Intelligence degree programme. Huawei and GIK Institute will promote regional information and communication technology education through such programs, share knowledge and create more opportunities. 



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