Huawei to Launch Made for Huawei Certified Accessories

In a hope of driving more sales many smartphone manufacturers over the years decided to launch certified accessory lines. Huawei, the largest smartphone maker in China, is also thinking to launch a “Made for Huawei” program for certified accessories. Huawei to Launch Made for Huawei Certified Accessories.

As it is clear from name Made for Huawei looks to certify certain accessories for Huawei’s smartphones. The accessory makers can attach a “Made for Huawei” sticker on its accessory, once they go through the procedure of the program. In result of that there will be boost in the sale.

Huawei to Launch Made for Huawei Certified Accessories

GizChina‘s reported that USB Type-C to HDMI cable for the Mate 10 is the first accessory sold under the new program. Whereas more accessories are likely to be announced soon.

The competitors like Samsung and  Xiaomi already have certified programs, which are in practice.  Such a program for Huawei would also open up a new revenue stream. Apple is charging fee for certified products. So if Huawei also starts to charge fee for certified products, it would open a new way of money making.

In this way the company would be able to increase the customer numbers as well as will it will get more consumer confidence. Folks will think twice about picking up the accessories without Made for Huawei stickers for their phones.

Though Huawei officially didn’t announce, but “Made for Huawei” program has already been soft-launched in China with the aforementioned cable. We are also not sure that whether it will expand to other markets or not.

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