Pakistan VS India Advert for Cricket World Cup 2019

Cup Kaha Lay k Ja Rae ho

A cricket match between Pakistan and India is the most enjoyable yet full of tension as both the countries love cricket and want to perform better than their rival. Be it world cup of ICC championship, cricket has always remained in the blood of subcontinent, and when any of the matches is near, people from both countries actively participate on social media and troll each other’s cricket team. Pakistan VS India advert was also released which won many hearts.

Pakistan VS India Advert

After loads of moqa moqa videos from India, this time India released a father’s day video taunting Pakistani cricket team. The match will be played between both countries on the 16th of June, which is father’s day. The tagline baap re baap was released in order to narrate that India is Father of Pakistan when it comes to cricket. Pakistan has come up with an exciting reply to the advert, very well produced and is much better than the ad of India.

The video shows wing Commander Abhinandan who was arrested by Pakistan’s airforce and was giving an interview with a cup of tea. The model in advert resembles an Indian pilot and has the same moustache. The actor repeats Abhinandhan’s statement “I’m sorry, I am not supposed to tell you this” when he is asked India’s playing world cup and the team’s strategy if it wins the toss. He also drinks the tea in the same way as the actual pilot had done and however the advert could be made more interesting if the pilot also made that funny sound “shhh” while drinking tea.

Here is the Advert:

The tagline “cup kaha lay k ja rae ho” is the best thing in this advert. This advert made me laugh and is well on point.  Moreover, this is not the first time we have come up with an exciting idea in cricket saga, previously the Jazz had come up with an awesome advert “No Issue lay lo tissue” which was a kind of response to India’s Add “Moka Moka”. If u want to see Jazz advert click here.

Jazz spokesperson, while telling about the viral advert related World Cup advert doing the rounds on social media said that:

“Jazz supports content released to its own electronic media through its official assets and social media handles. The company is a big cricket supporter and patron. Sports must be played with the spirit of camaraderie. We wish all World Cup teams the best.”

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