Lenovo Foldable Phone Appears in a Short Video

When we talk about foldable phones, the first thing that comes to our mind is Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy F or Huawei’s future phone. However, now here comes a twist in a story, a new video released by Lenovo has changed our mind. Lenovo Foldable Phone has just appeared in a Short Video. In a video, a Lenovo prototype foldable phone appears to be fully functioning.

Lenovo Foldable Phone Gives its First Appearance in a Short Video

In a video, we see the phone is very tall but you can fold it in half. The phone will not fold flat.

Near the hinge of the phone there is a black spot that suggests an issue of the prototype rather a technological limitation. At the bottom of the phone there is a chin. However, the phone is still very impressive and we hope that the phone will be improved before it’s official launch.

we all know that other big players in the industry of smartphones are also working on foldable phone. They are struggling to launch their foldable phones as soon as possible and win the race. However, this recently released short video indicates that Lenoveo is going to beat all of them and will win the race. Well there are no other leaks regarding the Lenovo foldable phone other than this video. So, let’s wait and see who will win this race.

Good Luck Lenovo!

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