Lost or Stolen Arms License: What to Do

Tips To Keep Your Arms License Safe and Secure

Any person who owns arms may find themselves in a stressful and potentially difficult situation if their arm license is misplaced or stolen. Loss of this essential document can put a crimp in your ability to legally acquire firearms. It can be problematic whether you shoot for sport, go hunting, or place a high value on your own personal safety. In this post on our blog, we will discuss the actions to take if your arms license is lost or stolen.

We will offer you helpful direction on what to do in case of a lost or stolen arms license. This process assures compliance with the law and the acquisition of a duplicate license in the most expedient manner possible. This article will serve as your all-encompassing guide to efficiently resolving this matter, whether this is the first time you’ve encountered this problem or you’re just looking for a refresher on the process.

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What should you do if your arms license is lost or stolen?

In the event of a lost or stolen arms license in Pakistan, it is important to promptly initiate the necessary measures to report the incident. Here are the steps that you should follow in case your arms license is lost or stolen:

  1. Register an FIR at the nearest Police Station
  2. Notify the Relevant Authority

1. FIR Registration:

When your arms license is lost or stolen in Pakistan, it is important to report the incident to the local police. This involves visiting your nearest police station and providing them with details about the loss or theft of your license. The local police will register your FIR about the lost or stolen arms license. You will need a copy of the FIR if you intend to apply for the duplicate arms license. There are some reasons for the FIR registration of the lost arms license. Some of them are:

  • It creates an official record of the incident, which can be important for legal and security purposes.
  • The police report helps law enforcement agencies track and investigate the loss or theft of an arms license.
  • It is the main requirement for obtaining a duplicate arms license. It demonstrates that the loss is genuine and not a result of negligence or wrongdoing on your part.
  • Registering an FIR report helps prevent misuse of the lost or stolen license for illegal activities.

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2. Notify the Relevant Authority

Once your FIR registration is done at the local police station, you’ll need to submit a copy of your FIR along with an intimation of the event to the relevant authority. Relevant authority in this case refers to the department that issues and regulates the arms license in Pakistan. This authority is typically the District Magistrate or Chief Commissioner of the relevant district. This notification serves several purposes, a few of which are undermentioned:

  • It keeps the licensing authority informed about the status of issued licenses.
  • It initiates the process of obtaining a duplicate license.
  • By notifying the relevant authority, you demonstrate your commitment to lawful firearm ownership and compliance with regulations.

Both of these processes are critical to coping with a lost or stolen weapons license. By following these steps, they produce official records and commence the appropriate procedures for getting a duplicate license. These steps will make you legally compliant, even if the fault of losing an arms license is at your end.

Tips For the Safety of Arms Licenses in Pakistan

Making sure that your arms license stays safe is very important if you want to legally own a gun and keep it from getting into the wrong hands. To help you keep your arms license safe, here are some tips:

  1. Photocopies and Digital Backups
  2. Using Secure Wallets
  3. Avoid Unnecessary Carriage of Arms License

1: Photocopies and Digital Backups

  • As a safety measure, make copies or high-resolution scans of your arms license and carry the copies of the license with you.
  • Store the original license in a separate, secure location, such as a locked drawer, safe, or another place that is not easily accessible to others.
  • Making digital backups of your license and keeping them on encrypted devices adds an extra degree of security and guarantees you have a digital copy for reference.

2: Using Secure Wallets

  • A secure holder or wallet built for critical documents is a sensible solution for keeping your firearms license. These holders are often constructed of long-lasting materials that can tolerate wear and strain.
  • Not only does the secure holder protect your license from physical damage, but it also keeps it organized and conveniently accessible when needed.
  • Search for the holders that have extra safeguards, such as RFID blocking technology, to prevent the license’s embedded information from being scanned without your permission.

3: Avoid Unnecessary Carriage of Arms License

  • Unless it is necessary by law or you have a specific reason to do so, avoid carrying your arms license with you all the time.
  • Your arms license must be with you at all times when carrying weapons and arms or when asked by police, but as soon as the need is met, you must place your arms license in a secure place.
  • This practice minimizes the risk of loss or theft while you go about your daily activities.

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In conclusion, losing or having your arms license stolen can be a disturbing event. However, being prepared will help to ensure that you can continue to lawfully own firearms. You can start the process of getting a duplicate license by reporting to the appropriate licensing body and local police as soon as possible. We’ve talked about what to do—from filling out a police FIR to notifying the issuing body. Remember that maintaining the security of your arms license is equally important. Your best allies while facing adversity are information and proactive actions. Remain vigilant, keep secure, and make sure your legal rights as a gun owner are respected

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