Mercedes’ New Touchscreen to Kill 27 Physical Buttons

Mercedes-Benz just revealed the second generation of its MBUX infotainment system that will arrive in the 2021 S-Class luxury sedan, which comes with a new touchscreen-forward user interface, requiring fewer buttons. The new system is running on a new hardware suite that brings functionality and features across the car.

Mercedes’ New Touchscreen to Kill 27 Physical Buttons

Now, you will experience the improvements to the “Hey Mercedes” voice command system (“Hey Mercedes” now works in 27 languages and recognizes up to 20 voice commands), pseudo-3D display, and technology behind the steering wheel. Moreover, you can access the new personal profiles via a fingerprint sensor or facial and voice recognition.

The new MBUX system is going to replace 27 physical hardware buttons with touchscreen controls and adds hand gesture, gaze controls along with additional safety features.

The size of every S-Class sedan will be a 12.8-inch OLED screen with haptic feedback, however, customers will be able to add up to three additional screens for backseat passengers. The instrument display is coming with new AR capabilities, and, the instruments will look 3D, even without 3D glasses, thanks to the autostereoscopic display.

With the new MBUX, drivers will have the option to save various preferences like seat settings, interior lighting color, favorite radio station, and more.

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