NA Committee Calls For Complete Ban On Prepaid SIMs


NA Committee Calls For Complete Ban On Prepaid SIMs and convert them into postpaid SIMs.

The Committee selected by National Assembly finalizing draft in order to recommend for the transfer of all pre-paid mobile SIMs into postpaid mobile Sims and all remaining Sims will be banned by the telecom companies. This will eventually decrease the crime rate.

National Assembly is demanding to convert all prepaid SIMs into Postpaid SIMs. National Assembly is taking this initiative to minimize the crime rate by banning the illegal prepaid SIMs.

These illegal SIMs are acting like weapon and affecting many innocent citizens in different ways. According to telecom sector the better initiative is to ban all Chinese handsets.

Official said that infrastructure of telecom companies has been upgraded and tracking of SIMs used by the criminals and mobile sets with IMEI numbers can be traced with this up-gradation of infrastructure. However, cellular companies can’t track anything when thousands of handsets with same IMEI numbers come into play.

Telecom officials said they are open to work with the government to completely eliminate the issue of illegal SIMs, however, what government is demanding here (for a ban on prepaid SIMs) doesn’t make any sense.

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