PTA to Ban late-night call packages

PTA to Ban late-night call packages

According to the Authorities “Nights are for sleeping” so PTA has decided to cancel all night packages on mobile phones as its destroying our youth.

[blockquote cite=”Source“] ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Division showed its resentment over delay in the sale of 3G licenses, misappropriation in the universal services’ funds and late-night call packages.

The committee that met at the parliament house under its chairperson Senator Kalsum Parveen on Thursday directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to withdraw late-night call packages and take action against obnoxious SMS. The committee also directed the PTA to make all calls on emergency and enquiry numbers free of cost.

The Senate body observed that the national exchequer expected Rs 500 billion during the financial year 2012-13 through issuance of 3G licenses, but due to delay, the government was deprived of the said income. The committee would convene a special meeting to discuss the issues concerning the sale of 3G licenses.

The PTA management told the committee that the organization had earned more than Rs 56 billion profit during last five years on which the chairperson of the committee sought the five-year audit records of the PTA. The committee was told that some 215 cases filed by different companies against the PTA were lying pending in different courts. On the other hand, 80 percent cases filed by the PTA against various companies had been disposed of.

The PTA told the committee that Rs 12 million were spent on the advertisement campaign of 3G auction, adding an ad drive would be launched again for the sale of 3G licenses .

The standing committee also formed a subcommittee under the chairpersonship of Senator Saeeda Iqbal to investigate the matter of 800 bogus schools in the federal capital and sought a report on the matter within 60 days.
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This is not the first time that voice to cancel all night-packages has been upraised. So it is uncertain so far for the issuance of this type of directive to cellular companies. Even if ordered, there is no surety that cellular companies will refrain from night packages.

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