Naeem Zamindar Reappointed As Chairman Board Of Investment

Secretary Finance Younus Dagha Also Got Replaced!

Haroon Sharif was appointed as the Chairman Board Of Investment (BoI)  almost eight months back. He resigned from his position on Wednesday. Recently, we have come to know that Naeem Zamindar who was BoI Chief during the tenure of PMLN Government has replaced Mr. Haroon Sharif. Furthermore, Secretary Finance Younus Dagha has also been replaced by Naveed Kamran Baloch.

New Chairman Board Of Investment & Secretary Finance Announced

The government recently made a change to its economic team just two weeks ahead of the announcement of the federal budget. The government has appointed Naveed Kamran Baloch as federal Finance Secretary after removing Younus Dagha. In addition to that, Mr. Nameem Zamindar has been reappointed as Chairman BoI.

Mr. Dagha was a PAS officer who had taken over as finance secretary about two months ago on March 23. However, he could not get along the Prime Minister’s Advisor Of Finance, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. He actually wanted the IMF program to be “front-loaded”. Moreover, he wanted the difficult reforms to be done upfront rather than lagged out over a period of time which created differences between them. Due to such circumstances, Dagha did not participate in the last few rounds with the IMF before the program got finalized. It led to his replacement by Naveed Kamran Baloch.

On the other hand, former Chairman Board of Investment, Haroon Sharif tendered his resignation saying that it was the right time to resign before being blamed for poor results. That’s why the government reappointed Naeem Zamindar as Chairman BoI. Let’s see what comes next ahead of the announcement of the federal budget.

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