Netflix Mobile Games will be Available on iOS from Today

Netflix released mobile games for Android users a week back however iOS users this feature was not launched due to the policies laid by Apple. After much speculation that how things will work in this case, Netflix has finally announced the same gaming functionality for iOS users as well which means now users would be able to enjoy Netflix Mobile games through iPhone.

So all the guesses regarding game usage via third-party apps were wrong since, from today, iOS users on Netflix will be able to play games while watching their favorite movies or shows on the Netflix app. Just like the Android version of Netflix games, titles on iOS will be available without any additional cost.

Netflix Mobile Games are now Available for iOS Users

It should be mentioned here that users need to have active subscription order to access Netflix games. The best part currently is that the games are available without any additional cost however these games are not available through the app’s kids profile. If people want to stop the kids from playing games through adult profiles, they are even facilitated to add a pin to their profiles.

The news regarding the roll-out of Netflix games for iOS came from the company.


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