Now Stream Music Videos with Amazon Music Unlimited

Are you a music lover? if yes, we have got exciting news for you. Amazon has added a large collection of music videos to its Amazon Music Unlimited service. Though its good news but Amazon videos will only be available to the subscribers which means that the popularity of YouTube Music will remain high even after this flagship feature by the company. Now Stream Music Videos with Amazon Music Unlimited.

No doubt, Music is a vital part of our lives as it not only helps us feel lively but also shed aways any tension we have with its soothing and healing power. The social media apps help users to shed there anxiety especially in days when COVID is affecting most of us, by launching some great features.

Amazon Music Unlimited brings an Opportunity for Users to Shed Anxiety

So if you amazon lover, you will be able to see the music videos in search results and artists pages now which will make it easier for you to know about the songs trending these days. Au user will also come across a music video playlist that will make it easier for them to select one song. Contrary to it, in YouTube Music, we witness a toggle that helps us switch between music videos and audioS as not all videos are watchable indeed.

Amazon has made its video line available to users after the company brought its X-Ray feature to the customers residing in the United States and the United Kingdom by end of November. This feature helped users to display fun facts about currently playing tracks.

Amazon Music Unlimited can be availed by prime members at the cost of $8 and non-prime member at $10 standard rate. Even the standard quality users are privileged with HD tier hi-res streaming, which means its a great offering when we compare it with other apps offering the same functionality including Apply Music, YouTube Music and Spotify.

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