Outlook Dark Mode For iOS & Android to Hit Your Device

Nowadays, the dark mode is getting so popular among the users and that’s why so many companies have introduced the theme in their apps. Recently, Google fit app also brings dark mode for the users, then how the outlook would be left behind in the race?

Outlook’s dark mode for Android is coming with a magnificent look, that we have figured out in the recent images and you can also see in the below images. Windows Central has also reported that the iOS version will look almost similar to the Android one when it will be rolled out for the device.

Get Ready to Experience Outlook Dark Mode For iOS & Android

outlook dark mode

It is not clear yet when we will get to see the dark theme outlook for Android and iOS because Microsoft didn’t confirm any date that when it will update Outlook with dark mode.

Why Dark Mode?

Firstly, it consumes less battery life of your devices and comes with some health advantages. It emits less blue light, as a result of that your sleep cycle is less likely to be disrupted. The dark mode works better at night because the nights are dark and the screens are bright so when we use the dark mode, it will eventually save our eyes from hurting.

Initially, a few companies introduced the dark theme in their apps but its popularity among the users makes other companies bound to think about it. And now we can see the dark theme in so many apps.

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