Pakistan to be the First Country to Test 5G: Anusha Rehman

Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication Anusha Rahman announced that Pakistan is soon to become the first country in the world to test 5G technology. Pakistan to be the First Country to Test 5G: Anusha Rehman.

In an Interview, she revealed that government is ready to start preparations for the introduction of 5G by 2021. Anusha said that Pakistan will adopt new technology before other Asian countries.

Pakistan to be the First Country to Test 5G: Anusha Rehman

A spokesperson of the ministry told that 4G spectrum license was sold for $295 million. He revealed that the total number of broadband users in the country have increased from 3.7 million to 44 million during the span of last four years.

Entire industry can be reshaped with the boom of 5G networks. Anusha also told that total amount of the auction had been deposited in the government’s account.

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Ms Rehman informed that IT is growing in Pakistan and broadband penetration increased from 3% to 27% in the last two years.

Anousha Said:

“We are working towards making a digital Pakistan. Digital economy through IT, freelance, start-ups, e-commerce and mobile apps are the future

Anousha Rehman told that Government is working on a project to provide at least one mobile tower to 100 users in every village. They will be successful to complete this project by 2030.

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