PIA Bans Use of Social Media to it’s Employees

Use of social media for the employees of Pakistan International Airline has banned by General Manager Compensation. PIA Bans Use of Social Media to it’s Employees.

Employees are prohibited to use any social platform. It includes the use of WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter along with other social media websites.

PIA Bans Use of Social Media to it’s Employees

According to the notification employees are threatened that if they violated this restriction, then they will be punished.

However, sources of PIA said that the reason of ban from General Manager Compensation is to hide matters from the public related to incompetence and corruption.

Well this action taken by PIA is bit strange. However, recently we have noticed that the Facebook page of PIA was very active. This is also in the news that federal government will try to privatise the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) before general elections due this year, privatisation minister Daniyal Aziz said, as the ruling Pakistan Mulsim League-Nawaz (PML-N) seeks to restart sales of state-run businesses.

So might be PIA don’t wants to leak the information about the privatization before the due time and just because of that the company prohibited it’s employees to use any social media platform.

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