Podcastle: A Chrome Extension that Converts Articles into Audio Playlists

As a blogger, I have to go through a lot of articles every day, and it’s not an easy job. Oftentimes I can’t get around to all the tabs I open by the time I clock out. It’s a frustrating thing and required a solution. Fortunately, I found Podcastle, a Google Chrome extension that is a  solution to some extent. Podcastle is an AI-powered browser extension that converts texts like articles and blog posts into audio that you can listen to.

Podcastle: A Chrome Extension that Converts Articles into Audio Playlists

This Chrome extension is completely free to use and you can download it from the Chrome web store. Podcastle assures to provide very human-like audio for a pleasant and satisfactory listening experience.
On the surface, it’s just a text-to-speech converter and there is a wide range of them available out there. What makes it unique are the extra perks that are provided in the app. And unlike other text-to-speech tools, it works across the tabs.
In my point of view, the best feature of Podcastle is the capability to make a playlist. You can just line up different articles and listen to them one by one. Often in the morning, while most of us are going through the news, we can line up some news stories and listen to them throughout the day.
Once you’ve set the extension, open the article of your own choice, click on the Podcastle icon, and click on Convert to Podcast (ignore the label, there’s nothing to do with actual podcasts here). That’s how this extension works.

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