President WEF appreciates Pakistan’s Efforts to Improve Energy Situation

For the very first time in history, the president of the World Economic Forum has arrived in Pakistan to meet Imran Khan. This is a very good sign and shows that this global organization is ready to support Pakistan through different initiatives. President WEF also shared his agenda to support Pakistan if needed in future.

President WEF arrives Pakistan to meet PM Khan

During the meeting, Borege Brede, president world economic forum praised Pakistan and appreciated the measures taken by the country to improve the energy situation in the country. The best thing is that he offered the WEF platform for practical distribution of renewable energy policy at the international level.

The press release by Petroleum Division revealed:

 “President praised the improved security and energy situation of Pakistan, appreciated new renewable energy policy and offered WEF forum for propagation of policy to reach a larger audience,”

During the meeting, WEF president said that:

“Many of Pakistan’s national priorities are the core focus of the Forum’s work. From education to the skill development of youth; from environment protection, water resource management, industrialisation and connectivity to the regional cooperation, the Forum is ready to offer its platform to support Pakistan’s economic transformation,

Being offering its cooperation to support Pakistan’s economic transformation is a very good initiative. Let’s hope for the best.

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