Samsung Laptops to Get Boost with Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon X Plus Chip

Qualcomm has introduced a new ARM-based processor called the Snapdragon X Plus. It is designed and tailored for laptops. Snapdragon X Plus is positioned just below the company’s top-tier laptop chip, the Snapdragon X Elite. It is worth mentioning that Snapdragon X Elite was revealed a few months back. The Snapdragon X Plus is anticipated to power Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Book 4 Edge.

The new processor is designed for laptops, built on a 4nm process technology. It features a 10-core CPU configuration, utilizing the same Oryon CPU cores found in Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon X Elite chip. The Snapdragon X Plus is intended for use in more budget-friendly laptops running the Windows operating system. Unlike the Snapdragon X Elite, which boasts a CPU clock speed of 3.8GHz, it operates at a slightly lower clock speed of 3.4GHz. In terms of performance, it is speculated to be comparable to Intel’s Core Ultra 7 series processors.

Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon X Plus also includes an integrated Adreno GPU, offering a significant power output of 3.8 TFLOPS according to the product specifications provided by Qualcomm. This GPU is crucial for handling graphics-intensive tasks and providing smooth visual experiences on laptops powered by the new chipset.

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Despite some downgrades in other areas, such as CPU clock speed, it retains its NPU capabilities. With a performance of 45 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second), the NPU remains unchanged from the Snapdragon X Elite. This level of performance enables efficient on-device AI inferencing, making the SD X Plus suitable for AI-focused tasks. The chip meets the minimum requirement of 40 TOPS set by Microsoft Copilot, solidifying its status as an AI-centric processor.

Qualcomm asserts that the SD X Plus exhibits superior power efficiency compared to rival chips. It purportedly delivers a 10% boost in CPU performance over Apple’s M3 chip while consuming the same amount of power. Additionally, when matched in power consumption with the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, the Snapdragon X Plus is reported to achieve a 37% increase in performance. These claims position the SD X Plus as a compelling option for laptop manufacturers aiming to balance performance and energy efficiency. Consumers can anticipate seeing laptops equipped with this chip hitting the market in the latter half of the year.

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Previously, Samsung has integrated both Qualcomm’s premium and mid-range Snapdragon processors into its ARM-based laptops. With the confirmation that the Galaxy Book 4 Edge will feature the Snapdragon X Elite, there’s speculation that Samsung might introduce a more budget-friendly option in its Galaxy Book 4 series, potentially incorporating the new X Plus chipset.

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