Razer Phone 2 Update Brings Some Nifty Camera and Audio Improvements

Recently, Razer has introduced the sequel of its first gaming smartphone Razer Phone 2. Now Razer Phone 2 Update Brings Some Nifty Camera and Audio Improvements. Razer has just announced that those who own its latest high-end phone will soon benefit from additional camera features and improvements.

Razer Phone 2 update will improve color for more vibrant shots. It will also include the brightness for warmer tones and details. Also, HDR has been improved too for more consistent shot detection and processing. The Razer Phone 2 update also includes some audio fixes and improvements as well.

Razer Phone 2 Update will contain the audio fixes and improvements

The newly launched Razer Smartphone is equipped with the 120 HZ refresh rate which is twice more than other regular smartphones. It has unexceptionally Quad HD display showing vibrant colors on the screen. Razer has no headphone jack just like iPhone 7. The Razer phone is equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery that gives you the opportunity to use a phone for the maximum time. It has an f1.7 wide angle lens and a 12 MP dual camera.

Razer smartphone is powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. It has 8GB RAM which ensures that your phone keeps on running and never stops in the middle of the game. Now the camera and audio improvements have made the phone more vibrant.

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