Samsung Galaxy S10 to Feature a Triple Rear Camera & 3D Sensor

The news of Samsung upcoming device Galaxy S10 is in the air. we are continuously listening to the different leaks and rumors from different sources and we also share them with you time to time. As we know that there are many Samsung lovers who are waiting for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10. A new report from South Korea suggests that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone could feature a triple rear camera.
It is also reported that Apple is expected to launch an iPhone X Plus with a triple rear camera sometime in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 to Land with  a Triple Rear Camera

The new report also suggests that the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a 3D sensing sensor that would allow the recording of high-definition 3D content, from selfies to stuff that can be used in AR (Augmented Reality).

The 3D sensor does not necessarily need a triple rear camera, but still, Galaxy S10 rear camera will have it. So then it should bring various other benefits which include enhanced optical zoom, increased image sharpness, and superior low-light performance.

The specifications of the triple rear camera that Samsung will bring to Galaxy S10 are not revealed yet. However, Huawei has already launched a device, P20 Pro with triple rear camera.

The leaks suggest that Samsung Galaxy S10 is getting ready to land with trendy features like an in-display fingerprint scanner, SoD and now this Triple camera on the back. Let’s whether we will find all these specs when it land or not.

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