Samsung & Huawei are Considering Same Names for Their Foldable Phones

The trend of folding phones will soon rock the industry. All the big smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola and more are getting ready to release the folding smartphones in near future as patents are being filed in an ever increasing number. In 2019, the Smartphone market will be conquered by Foldable phones. Every tech giant is trying to launch the foldable phone first. However, the funniest thing is that the competitors Huawei and Samsung are considering the same names for their Foldable devices.

Foldable Phones with Same Names! Are you kidding me?

Huawei is considering four names for the Chinese manufacturer’s first foldable device, with one of the names (“Mate Flex”) going the same route as a name under consideration for Samsung’s first foldable phone. According to rumours Samsung executives are thinking to name foldable device as “Samsung Flex” and “Galaxy Flex”, though nothing is confirmed yet.

According to rumours the company’s unconventional device is planned to launch as part of the Mate phablet lineup, with the firm presently pondering the names Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi, and Mate Fold.

Huawei plans to launch its official foldable phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That’s when Samsung is also expected to show its foldable off, ahead of its first availability in March.

Let’s see will they settle on the same name for their foldable smartphone line.



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