Samsung new Phone will Have Hidden Camera Behind the Screen Without any Hole

The technology world is full of advancements and with the ever growing trends, we witness new technologies making their way to the industry. There was a time when camera phone was just fiction and we used to hear that soon we will be able to see people on mobile who would be sitting at far distances. At that time this thing seemed funny but later on, we got such devices and the number of cameras kept on increasing with the quality getting even better than before. SO now we realized that development has no full stop. The technology will keep in growing until this world is alive. Now the trend has changed and people love to carry a full-screen phone with no notch, no camera holes etc. Joining the trend, Samsung new phone will have an invisible camera, hidden somewhere behind the screen.  Wouldnt it amazing to hold a phone having a full screen? If someone had told me this thing a few years back, maybe I would not believe him However witnessing the latest trends of technology about to reach the seventh sky has made me think that yes we are going to have such device soon.

Samsung new phone screens will hide the camera completely

From all the tech giants like Huawei, iPhone and Samsung, we were hearing that they are working on Infinity-O displays. Infinity-O displays are the full-screen phones which do not have notches or holes. In order to make such a device, all the sensors are a camera on the front side have moved under the display.

While telling about the upcoming full-screen phone, VP of Samsung’s Mobile Communication R&D Group Display said:

“Though it wouldn’t be possible to make (a full-screen smartphone) in the next 1-2 years, the technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, while not affecting the camera’s function in any way,” 

Currently, Galaxy S10 devices are the pioneer to have a hole in the OLED panel. Its latest Infinity-O displays, used in its Galaxy S10 family, have a small hole cut out for the camera. Moreover, Huawei views 20 uses an LCD screen without any physical hole. Anyway, we would have to wait for another two years to see such a device.

Fizza Atique

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