Sharing Someone’s Personal Photos & Videos without Consent is Prohibited on Twitter

It seems like Twitter is tightening its privacy policy just after the new CEO has taken charge and we have waved goodbye to Jack Dorsey. Under the new rules launched yesterday, Twitter no longer allows people to share others’ Personal Photos & Videos without their consent.

So from now on, the people who are not public figures can also ask Twitter to take down their pictures or videos which someone has posted without their permission.

Here’s how Twitter announced this big addition on its platform:

This new policy does not apply to public figures or individuals who come to media or some media-related content is shared in the public interest that adds value to public discourse. Twitter said that in such cases it will assess the case and if such case comes, they will not remove the images or videos from the platform.

For many years, people are discussing that social media platforms should give them the right to report the personal images that are posted by third parties or scammers in order to defame them.  In such a scenario, this is a good initiative from the social media company.

“Twitter already prohibited the publication of private information such as a person’s phone number or address, but there are “growing concerns” about the use of content to “harass, intimidate, and reveal the identities of individuals”

NO doubt, to me it’s a very good addition, and for some years platform was criticized for spreading spam, hatred, and bullying content.

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Fizza Atique

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