Sony Releases Mysterious Teaser for its Upcoming Flagship

Every year internet explodes with speculations and rumours when the Mobile World Congress (MWC) comes around. Recently Sony releases teaser which attracts the attention of the audience. Sony Releases Mysterious Teaser for its Upcoming Flagship.

It seems that next week Sony is going to introduce something at Mobile World Congress, going off the fact that its Xperia account tweeted a teaser video for the annual phone event this morning. In video there is a hand and a bunch of ripples cascading down onto it from above. However whatever this video is hinting at will be announced on February 26th.

Sony Releases Mysterious Teaser for its Upcoming Flagship

The ripples shown in the new Sony teaser could also refer to sound ripples hitting at the smartphone audio’s chops.

So many people are wondering what that was. The teaser is, essentially, ripples that cascade down on to the random hand that’s shown on the screen along with what can only be assumed to be the launch or announcement date.

To watch teaser: Click Here

Adding to the mysterious aura they had already amassed, the new Xperia teaser leaves you with more questions and answers.

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